One Life-Changing Moment

There are moments in life I wonder if I will ever reach my dreams.  My goals are what many have called childish ambitions, driven by the heart of a young girl.  But I know I can have what I set out for--except for at times like this.

The knock came on the door when I was making dinner.  Randy loved roast beef and I was going to surprise him with a mid-week “Sunday” meal.  I wondered why he had knocked, and didn’t just let himself in. 

A smile graced my lips.  He was playing a game.  Maybe he had brought home roses for me.  It was our anniversary tomorrow.

I looked at the clock and realized time had slipped away.  He should have been home over an hour ago.    My heart beat fast as I reached the front door.  Shadows of two figures darkened the white curtains on the sidelights.

When I opened the door and saw the officers, my knees fell weak.

“Are you Mrs. Stanton?”

I nodded.

The older one made the introductions, and added, “May we come in?”

Time came to a stop when they told me about the accident. My heart tightened in my chest, and my lungs seized, making the next breath expectant and not taken for granted.  “Why?”

My single-worded question fell heavy in the otherwise silent house--a house, that had been a home. What would I do now?

“Is there anything we can do for you?  Call family members or anything else?” The officer’s eyes were misted.  Pain resided there, and I knew he didn’t just perform his job, he felt it.

I shook my head.  How would I go on?

After they pulled out of the driveway, I raised my eyes heavenward, fingers pressed to my lips as if I were able to ssh away my current nightmare.  In that moment, a sparrow flew from the blue sky, and landed on the railing of the front porch.  It told me--somehow---everything would be alright.  Randy believed in me, and I couldn’t let him down.  I would eventually obtain my dreams.

Tears fell, and I stood there until my legs crumbled beneath me.  My chest heaved with the pain in my heart.  

What story does this picture inspire in you?

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