A Fisherman's Tale, Flash Fiction

The sun is warm, and the breeze is cool.  I sit on the wall like so many others, but I know I’m unique.  Yet I wonder how many of them are thinking in their silent thoughts about their wife, or children and providing the best possible life for them. 

I never set out thinking I would be the man my wife would want, but I became that  man -- for her.  I still try and think of ways I could bring her more of what her heart desires.  Even as I think this, I see her warm hazel eyes peering in mine telling me, You are all I really need.

But I cannot help but wonder, still, if there isn’t something more I could do to bring her happiness, and joy.

A warbler cries from a nearby tree, leading my eyes to its branches.  I am irritated by the disruption in my thoughts, but as I turn back to look at the surface of the water, there’s a tug on my line.  As I pull back, I lift a small fish.  It struggles in a fight it can’t win. 

Then the thought hits me, the fish is so simple yet he knows he has a right to live.  He fights for what he believes is his, even if it’s only instinct telling him such.  The sunshine reflects off its scales, and everything comes into focus.

I am like the fish.  Struggling in life, swimming upstream, fighting a battle I can’t win.  We all have our place in life, but I can’t help but realize I am worth far more than the fish.  My value more than is assessable by the balanced scales of an accountant.

Taking the fish off the hook, I realize, clearer than ever that my wife was right.  I am all she really needs, just as she and the kids are all I need.  And, on the upside, even if I can’t provide more, like the corporate suits of business, at least I’m not going to be dinner.
Hope you enjoyed my short passage.  What does this picture inspire in you -- a poem, a description or a passage?  I would love to hear it.


  1. A great analogy and most certainly one which will enspire those who read it. Sometimes it's dfficult to see our own worth, especially when others can be so callous and harsh.


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