I'm "Primed" and Ready to Go!

If you're an Amazon addict, and a Kindle lover, you've heard of Amazon Prime Membership.  Unfortunately, right now the program is only available to residents of the United States.  But if you are a member, you're able to borrow 1 Kindle book per month (if I understand correctly) for FREE.

This post is to let you know all of my books are now enrolled in the program!  This means you can now borrow any of my books.  But why use your one borrow on me?  Here's why:

What reviewers are saying:
Reminds me of JD Robb's "In Death" series
“On the same plane as contemporary masters of the genre”
What reviewers are saying:
"Madison Knight rocks!"
"If you like the Women's Murder Clun series, Kathy Reichs, Alexandra Cooper, or fast-moving mysteries, give Carolyn Arnold a read! You'll be hooked!"
What reviewers are saying:
"Silence of the Lambs move over. ELEVEN is an astonishing performance."
"Move over Tami Hoag..and Tess Gerritsen."
OF COURSE, if you prefer to buy my books instead - excellent as well!


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