Hug a Writer Day

"In fact, if you wanted to make a cheery person with no predisposition to depression depressed, you could stick him in front of a typewriter or computer for hours a day--feed him a typical writer's diet--forbid him to exercise, isolate him from friends, and convince him that his personal worth depended on his "numbers." Make him live the writer's life, in other words, and watch him sag." - Elizabeth Moon
Elizabeth said it well in her post on writers and depression.  No matter how good our books may be doing, or at what point we're in with our journey, there are highs and lows that we experience.

Writing is a private journey shared on a busy road with strangers.  All of them clamoring to stand out - some do more than others.  Sometimes other people's successes can make ours feel somewhat insignificant.

Even while it's true that some of these faces start to look familiar, and we make terrific friends along this road, we can still feel the blues creep in on us.

I had a recent experience on Twitter - and the encouragement I received to 'PLEASE never stop writing' and that she 'LOVED my voice' - brought literal tears to my eyes.  Sometimes, as writers we don't even realize or admit our insecurities or vulnerabilities.  We may not even be aware of how we are feeling.  It was this heartfelt virtual "hug" that inspired this post.

Please know this:  you're not alone on your journey.  

When life directed you to be a writer, you become a member of a family - an "authorhood - made up of men and women who know exactly what you're going through.  They are there for you, to support you, to help you succeed and to celebrate with you when you do!

If you are a published author there are people out there who love your work.

And as my sister is always telling me:  Let your light shine!

Spread this positivity!  Don't hold back!

If you read a book you loved, leave a nice review for the author.  You can even drop them a note on Twitter or Facebook.

And it doesn't have to be that you read their work.  Recently an author friend of mine told me, in front of a Facebook group, that I'm truly an inspiration to him - WOW! just to be considered such is a priceless honor and had me "glowing" for hours!  The thought of being inspiring to him still has me smiling!

So maybe you admire an author for their professionalism, for their successes, for their support of fellow authors - it can be many things.  Let them know!  Thank them for being in your life.

I want to say to all of you reading this blog post - thank you for your support, your following, and more importantly your friendship.

Let's see how wonderful we can make this world!

Have you hugged a writer today*?
Go on...get out there : )

P.S. Hug a Writer Day is universal, transcends all genres, and isn't a designated day of a week, a month or a year - let's make it every day!

For other ways to support your fellow authors, see this post.

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