Edit time!

The third in the Madison Knight series, Sacrifice, is hot off the printer - all 710 pages of it!  I'm starting to shake looking at the task ahead, but it will be fun and it will be challenging and I'm sure I'll love every minute of it.  Hoping to finalize my end of edits by the end of April (wish me luck) and get it off to the editor so it can get out in time for summer (June/July).

Cover is still in the design phase, but here's the back cover blurb:

The Bradshaw River claims lives every year.  But when the body of a young man washes up during a winter thaw, it’s obvious he wasn’t a victim of the high waters.  Now it’s up to Homicide Detective Madison Knight and her partner to find out the truth.  But things only get more complicated when his identity comes back as the son of Marcus Randall, business tycoon and founder of an investments firm worth billions. 

With Marcus Randall already on the radar of the Secret Service for fraud and counterfeiting, the investigation sheds new light and they require the full co-operation of the Stiles PD.  But with power and money to back him, Marcus has a reach that extends right inside the police department.

In order to find out the truth, Detective Knight must sort through the lies and balance diplomacy with politics or sacrifice everything, including her career, trying. 


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