What Writing is to me...

Writing is the intimate expression of exploration and probing into the creative aspect of human nature.  It's a tapping into the dreams and aspirations we may have.  It's facing the fears we'd never dare to in real life.  It's meeting new people who take us places we'd never go.  In reality, writing is a means of travel to that which only exists in our imagination.

We are swept away in drama, heartbreak, excitement, thrills, fear, death and romance.

Yes, writing has the ability to touch our emotions, to motivate us, to lift us up when we are down.  It allows us a mental playground in which we can escape from daily life.

Yet the best transformation comes about with the transference from our minds to paper, to the form of books and stories, in which we share these secret realms with others. 

By extension I feel deeply honored to be able to share my work with others, to have them read my work and experience the worlds I have created.  Writing in its fullest essence is not just something I do.  To me, writing is a part of who I am; it’s a partial definition of the person I have become.  

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