Tuck and Roll - The Writer's Highway: Part Two

A couple weeks ago, I posted the introductory for a serial called: Tuck and Roll - The Writer's Highway.   If you missed the post last week, here it is.  

This series is meant to encourage and inspire you as a writer along your journey.

I brought out the illustration of a caterpillar.  Hence, the picture on this post.  We'll view this little guy as a sort of mascot the series.

So let's begin.  Today we'll discuss overcoming obstacles at these points in our journey: Editing your novel and receiving criticism.

So you pull yourself through the second stage.  You convince yourself your book is worthy of saving and you're going to put more work into it.

But after the tenth pass through you're getting really sick of reading it.  Maybe you're even starting to think it stinks again. 

If you're going to succeed with your writing it will be a balance of pleasure and pain - as is the case with all good things.  If you want to master your craft you have to refine it.  Keep at it!

Receiving criticism
This one can be a painful stage.  You spent all those hours editing and refining to have your beta readers and / or editor come back to tell you of different things you can and should revise.  Maybe they find plot holes.

Keep at it!  You've come this far!  Not many people can even write a novel, let alone brave the edit stage and the sharing of it with others.  This shows that you have grown in your writer's journey.  Try not to take things personally, look at advice objectively.  And don't be afraid of refining you work.  This is necessary.  Don't be close-minded to feedback and criticism, but you don't have to take everything you're told either.  You know your book better than anyone.  Be true to yourself while balancing the finer aspects of the craft.

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