5 Star Books

Talk about a lovely surprise!  Today I received an email from 5 Star Books telling me that my novels were chosen to appear on their site.  

What does this mean?  As noted on 5 Star Books' site:

"This is the place to find excellent fiction written by Indie authors.  
Our goal is to have a place for you (the reader) to find excellent new authors, and not have to wade through 1-3 star books to find them. How do we pick the novels featured on 5-Star Books? First, the book must have predominantly 5-Star reviews on Amazon.com. After that qualification, we look at the cover design, the number of reviews, what readers are saying in those reviews, when the book was published, and other subjective factors. 
You will see some extraordinary reads that are so outstanding that they are listed in more than one genre. We have done this to maximize that novel's exposure to new readers.
As a firm principle, we do not receive compensation from any author or publisher to list their book. This ensures that the novels on 5-Star Books are indeed worthy to be here.
The novels listed on 5-Star Books will change a bit regularly, as we showcase new Indie authors. It's our goal to ensure that the books featured will delight you."
Come see their site.  Click here to go to the Mystery page where my books are featured.


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