It’s Like the Elevator Business

When I was a teenager my father used to tell me, I don’t want to be in the elevator business.  I’d get this line due to my emotional ups and downs.  If you’re a woman, there’s a good chance you understand what I’m referring to - as a teen at one point you were happy, the next tears could be flying.  Really, it’s not much different when you decide to be a writer – although I hope you’re not moved to the point of actually crying.

But let’s face it, being a writer is tough.  It’s long hours and there’s usually very little praise for it at the end of the day.  However, it’s not all negative.  There are loads of positives.  You have an outlet to use which allows you to escape your daily life. Writing is a stress relief.  There are people who do enjoy reading what you write.

However, with this being said, there are moments you love your writing, and moments you question whether you should even bother.  It doesn’t have to be negative external feedback either, it can be something as small as the little voice of doubt that lives in all of us.  Do I have what it takes?

Remember this when you’re feeling down – you are not alone.  Repeat this.  You are not alone.

You have a “brotherhood” of writers and authors out there.  Many of them, dare I even say, the majority of them are very supportive.  We are here for you.  We all experience the same ups and downs.

But how do you pull yourself out of the negativity quicksand?

1.) Do something for other writers.  By taking your mental energies off self-focus, not only do you help someone else but you’ll feel better for doing so.

2.) Focus on the positive days.  What made you love your writing then?  Maybe keep a journal of positive feedback, or the lines you’ve written that you love, to reflect back on.

3.) Keep writing.  There’s a great chance the next time you sit to write, you’ll come up with something that will have you loving your writing again.


  1. Great post Carolyn! And so true. That nagging doubt fills all of us at times and if you let it, it'll suck you right in. It's always great to have a group of friends that understand and know what you are going through. My cp's are a great source for each other and we've all taken turns talking others down from the dreaded writer's ledge when they are considering giving up.

  2. I do love that the writing community (for the most part) is very understanding and supportive. It makes the down moments more bearable.

  3. Thank you Christine and Alana for your comments. The writing brotherhood is amazing ;)

  4. I think us writers get like this at times because the whole process is never ending and no matter how much you love to write, you're almost certain to become bored of it from time to time. Whenever I start to feel like this I make myself take a break to get my energy back and I always feel like I'm ready to start the process over again.

  5. LK good advice. When writing starts to just feel like work, it definitely is time for a break.


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