ARC Copies of ELEVEN Up for Grabs!

Here's your chance to read ELEVEN before everyone else!  TWO Kindle version ARCs (Advanced Reading Copies) are up for grabs!

The contest will run from October 28th - October 31st.  The winners will be notified and contacted on November 1st.

This is all you have to do to qualify:

1) Follow my blog and/or like my FB Author Page and/or share specified tweets as noted below.

2) If you follow my blog and/or like my FB Author Page, please also leave a comment below to let me know you've done so.  For blog comments, please leave your Twitter handle or other means of contacting you for prize notification in the case you win.

3) Every comment made on my blog and tweet shared will be assigned a number. A random number generator will determine the winners.

Here are the specified tweets to qualify (links will shrink and each tweet will fit within the 140 character limit):

Eleven Rooms. Ten Bodies. One Empty Grave. - #Eleven by @Carolyn_Arnold coming 11.11.11 #thriller #ElevenARCK

One killer behind bars.  Another roams free. - #Eleven by @Carolyn_Arnold coming 11.11.11 #thriller #ElevenARCK

Loyalties will be tested. Sacrifices will be made.- #Eleven by @Carolyn_Arnold coming 11.11.11 #thriller #ElevenARCK

More people will die. - #Eleven by @Carolyn_Arnold coming 11.11.11 #thriller #ElevenARCK

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  1. I wish I could get on the e-reader band wagon, but I can't. I think part of it is stubborness, not wanting to give in to the latest technological gadget. I see the positives, but I just can't give up the beauty of holding the book in my hands. Give away some paperback ARCS!!! :)

  2. It sounds like an amazing book. I will tweet number one. Love the premise.

  3. Carolyn, I've liked, joined, tweeted, and otherwise done it all! My Twitter name is @jmrinaldo.

  4. BTW, I watched the trailer, but didn't see a trivia question to answer.
    Joe Rinaldo

  5. April, that will be coming - probably just before/around Christmas.

    Clarissa, thank you :)

    Hi Joseph, thank you :) No trailer trivia required to enter.

  6. I followed your blog! Thank you for this :D

  7. Hey just found out you got a linky award from Jennifer Chase! Congratulations!

  8. Karen, welcome and thank you :)

    Zencherry, A linky award? LOL (sounds naughty)...what is that?


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