Remembering When

In memory of a father-in-law and friend I lost two years ago today.  Below is the poem I wrote for his memorial card.

Remembering When

When the colored leaves fall in early September
There is always a man I’ll remember.
A man with such love in his heart,
Oh, where do I start? 

How I sat in awe at the stories he told,
None of them fabricated or taken from mold.
He lived and he learned,
And he passed it all on.

How by the sweat of his brow,
He taught us his trade.
Was patient and loving,
Despite the mistakes that we made.

Remembering when he taught me to ride,
My first bicycle,
He was right by side.

Remembering when we strummed a guitar,
In a faraway place,
In front of a crowd.

Remembering when we danced in the dark
And as the years carried on
More willing than able,
He still held me close and gave it a go.

Oh how can I fill this void in my heart?
But somehow I must…

As the tears fall the memories help
The way he would look at me,
The glint in his eye,
The love in his heart.

Oh how I’m goin’ miss…
A dear husband, father, grandfather, brother and friend.

- Carolyn Arnold -

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