Honoring the “Brotherhood of Blue”

“Line-of-duty deaths jumped by 37% in 2010.” – CNN

According to the Officer Down Memorial page, this accounts for 122 men and women who died while in the line of duty during 2010.  The statistics for 2011 show an increase of 17% in gunfire deaths, and a 6% increase in line of duty deaths.

These men and women gave their lives while serving and protecting us.

And this number could be combined with the many more who have fallen while in the line of duty around the world.  This number also doesn’t reflect the number of officers injured, some seriously (life changing).

It makes my office job sound like a dream.  But every member of the “brotherhood of blue” knows the risks involved.  No call or traffic stop is routine.  No end of shift taken for granted.   So why do they do it?

Courage, and a strong belief in finding justice.

They ask the questions most of us wouldn’t want to.  They uncover what most of us wish to believe doesn’t exist.  They bring peace to where there’s chaos.  They make our towns and cities safer places to live.

They don’t work by the clock.  They don’t measure their shift in hours, they measure it by successes.  Their jobs are exhausting and most days they receive little appreciation for it.

Please join me in saying “Thank you” to these men and women.  And also “Thank you” to the families who support their husbands, wives, mothers, fathers, sons, and daughters as they serve us.

It’s due to these fine men and women belonging to the “brotherhood of blue” that I was inspired to write my Madison Knight series.  She is driven to find justice for the victims, and courageous enough to uncover the truth and make the guilty pay.

Meet Madison Knight.  Download Ties That Bind, the first in a stand-alone series, here for Kindle.  Or it is also available in print here.

Please also be sure to visit the Officer Down Memorial Page which honors the officers killed in the US while in the line of duty.

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