Guest Appearance and Announcements

Hey everyone!  I had wanted to get this post up yesterday, but life got in the way...Anyway, I am honored to be a guest on Misha's blog where I discuss Inspiration.  Come over and let us know what inspires you.  And if you're not feeling very inspired lately hopefully a few suggestions will help lift you up.

Monday will see a new post on this blog - "Let Yourself Become Immersed in a Story".  It's a post meant to further inspire by helping us think about situations we see around us on a daily basis.  It's to help us tap into our creativity.

And on another note, I've been kindly doubly-awarded the Liebster blog award by two terrific women - Jennifer and Tara Tyler.  Thank you to both of you! :)

Along with the award comes the privilege of acknowledging more blogs that have inspired and entertained. It's designed to bring attention to up and coming blogs with less than 200 followers.

The rules are simple.
1) Thank the person who gave you the award.
2) Pass it along.

Here are my picks:
Jennifer Chase - Another mystery lady like myself, yet holding a bachelor degree in forensics and criminology, I find her posts informative and intriguing. A must read blog for M/T/S lovers!

Tess Hardwick - I'm new to her blog, but love her story-telling ability with her blog posts and I'm sure she's partially to blame for my stab with "It's Like Riding a Bike"

Jeff Bennington - The perfect blog for indies.  He gives encouragement while reminding you of reality - the perfect balance.

Lee Prewitt - A terrific support to other authors.  He opens his blog to author interviews and insights.


  1. Thank you Carolyn for making my blog one your picks! :)

    Congrats on your Leibster Blog Award!


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