Hardback, paperback or e-book?  Which do you chose?

Years ago if you asked a group of people which format they preferred, most would fire back with how they love to hold a book in their hands, turn the pages, sniff the binding glue (okay, maybe that was just me).  But these days people love their e-readers!

In fact this is where the future for publishing is headed.  Bookstores are closing or downsizing.  Look at Barnes & Noble.  Would you ever have seen that happening years back?  Even libraries are getting in on the new wave of e-books by allowing customers to sign these out.

For Kindle alone, they predict sales of 8 million units for this year! (See article)

So why are e-books so popular?

It's green.  In other words, environment friendly.  Less trees need to be cut down for paper, less processing and the release of chemicals into the air due to manufacture.

Economical.  There's no way a paperback could be manufactured at the cost of .99cents for the reader.  If you're an avid reader, e-books place hundreds of thousands of options before you at a minimal cost.

It doesn't require a lot of storage space.  Let's face it print books take up a lot of space.  If you read a lot of books they can quickly pile up.  E-books take up very little space on a hard drive.

Popularity of electronic readers.  Those who have them swear by them!  They're light and connected by wi-fi making thousands of books available instantly.

Young adults.  This generation was raised on computers.  It makes complete sense they'd be drawn to read books on them.

Versatility.  You don't need to own an e-reader to read an ebook.  Kindle allows you to download a FREE reader to your PC, Iphone, Mac, Blackberry, Ipad, Android, or Windows Phone 7. (Here's the link.)

Welcome to the e-book revolution!

My novel Ties That Bind is available on Kindle, and in other e-reader formats on Smashwords.


  1. Yes! Ebooks are the way forward for writers. Can't wait to start publishing my first book. Now to finish writing it! lol

  2. Suz, you can do it! :D All the best to you!

  3. I want an e-reader, but will definitely have to save up first. I had to leave so many books behind when I came up to college because I couldn't carry them all. Too heavy! An e-reader would be perfect for that.

  4. All of them! Right now my book budget is $0. I'm only comforted by the fact that my husband's video game budget is $0. But if I'm out and about and someone is having a spectacular sale on books, I just have to grab a few.

    I was one of those people who would have once only read from printed books. But I learned that it doesn't matter what format it's delivered to me in, as long as I get to read a spectacular story, it's all good.

  5. I'm kind of 50/50 on this one. I've always loved to browse the book stores (particularly those that also serve coffee) and pick up a new book. There's a used book store that is very popular in town, which has great prices on books. Used book stores are also a great way to "recycle" printed books. Read it, take it back for a credit, and grab a few more. Okay, it's almost like going to the library, but without due dates, late fees, and book police... and many of us been "wanted" at the local library haven't we?

    Anyway, I do have to say that I love the convenience of the e-Readers. I love my Kindle and Kindle apps, and you can't beat the cost of e-books. As writers, it's easier than ever for us to publish our work. I'd love to have a printed version of future books that I write, but the emergence of the eBook has made it so much easier for me to write and publish again; and there is very little overhead, making it the practical choice.

    As an Indie writer, getting books in print is difficult and expensive, but there's nothing like holding a bound copy of your work in your hands. However, I like the fact that less trees will be cut down to put great stories in the hands of our readers. It is sad to see book stores close, though. So, it's a mixed feeling.

    As always, great post, Carolyn!



  6. Jenna and Cailtin, I'm with both of you about saving up and having a little budget yet loving books! :D

    And Rob, it's great that you frequent a used bookstore! :) That sounds like a great alternative to ebooks.

    However, the great part about Amazon is if you purchase from them (from a self-pub author) they're printed on demand :)

    Thank you everyone for your comments :D You make this blog!

  7. paper back preferred over e-book. Hard cover usually too expensive and heavy.
    Margaret L. Turley
    author of SAVE THE CHILD

  8. Margaret, over the years I've bought a fair number of hard cover books at discount prices, and must say I prefer a book I can hold - whether that be paperback or hardcover. And this is partly why I have my book available in print as well.

    With that being said, I find myself really exploring the world of ebooks because it gives me an opportunity to read works I wouldn't possibly otherwise.

    All the best with your book :)

  9. while a lot of books can be had for free or for 99 cents on kindle, the really popular author's have books that start at $9.99 or higher and never go on sale as used - so I often try new authors on kindle and offer my own books that way - but the authors I've read for years and have most of the books in a series, and reread, i still go to Amazon for the reduced, like new used books

    Dixie D. M. Goode (pandorasecho on twitter)

  10. I do feel inclined to say that there is nothing ecologically sound about the making of an electronic device, and that trees can be replanted- something we can all do. Also, you have to factor the cost of a Kindle into the cost of the books, if you get one. Not that I am against them. I'm happy to have my books available to those who prefer ebooks.

    Thanks for the good points made, as you had several. I don't mean to be a pill.

  11. Thank you for your comments Echo and Debbie.

    Echo, that's what I love about ebooks is reading people's work I might not be able to otherwise.

    And Debbie, I welcome your opinion :) I welcome everyone's! :)

  12. Oh, and Debbie, the great part about Kindle is you don't necessarily have to buy one either as they're available for computers (yes...I know electronics as well lol)


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