Sample Sunday - Ties That Bind Excerpt from Chapter 26

Today's Sample Sunday is taken from Chapter 26 of TIES THAT BIND.  Hope you enjoy...

is feelings of anger against the world, awkwardness of his first murder, were subsiding.  They were being replaced with an intense amount of grief, remorse and even possible regret.  But for once in his life, he had to prove himself.  He couldn’t allow himself to stop now, weaken.  The time had come. 
Really he had performed a favor, making for one less thankless person in the world.  One less person to cause another pain and suffering.  One less person before he built himself up to his true target.  The individual that truly carried all the blame was his primary mark.  The one that caused all of this.  The one who created him and made him who he was becoming. 
He sat on the edge of his bed, fanning fingers through his hair.  The room appeared hazy but he realized it was his eyes giving him that illusion.  He tried to drown his memories of that night in hopes of excising the recollections of her begging for her life and the feel of the spirit leaving her body.  The bags under his eyes gave testimony to his sleep deprivation.  But now it didn’t take shut eyes to see it all vividly.  Flashbacks were hitting him in the day.  Eyes wide open, mind seemingly occupied with something else prior.  Somehow, he had to find the courage to follow through with his plan.  It had to be executed for his sake, for sanity’s sake, but more importantly for justice’s sake.  He couldn’t be the loser this time.  The thought of that was simply unacceptable.
Instead he needed to focus on the rush and liberation that came with the kill.  How in the moment of the act, he loved being the one with the control, the power.  Playing God as the expression goes. 
Who has the right to decide life or death?  I do.  Who has made the world a better place?  I did. 
He’d repeat these words as a chant, trying to build himself up so that he’d keep moving forward.  He had to.  Today he’d take care of the next one on his list, another beautiful woman.  Yet one deserving to have the breath squeezed from her body. 


  1. This is terrific. The kind of story I like to read and like to write. Inside-the-head-of-the-killer views in thrillers are twisty, dark corridors I like to wander through :-}

  2. Thank you Nikki. I love writing and reading these type of viewpoints myself.

  3. powerful! intense!
    great work =)

  4. Very haunting and creepy! Nicely done!

  5. Thank you Scott :) I love creepy! lol


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