Sample Sunday - Ties That Bind

Today's #SampleSunday is taken from Chapter 9 of TIES THAT BIND.  Madison Knight and her partner are at a bar named The Weathered Rose to find out some information on the first victim.

The Weathered Rose was a pub-style bar that dated back to the seventies based on layout alone.  An oak bar lined the one wall, backed by a gold-speckled mirror that showcased alcohol bottles on glass shelves in front of it.  There were two tiers in the bar full of tables and chairs.  At one end of the elevated level, mounted flat-screen televisions broadcasted sporting events while patrons watched with a pitcher of beer and a plate of wings. 
A couple of older men played pool on a table with red cloth and quarter slots.  They both appeared to be in their late sixties and intent on the game they were playing.  The one had a head of white hair and the other had very little on top of his head, but a substantial paunch that pressed against the table when he took a shot.  He didn’t seem to notice and it told Madison he had probably been overweight most of his life and was comfortable with who he was.
A working jukebox pumped music into the cacophony of sounds.  The smell of fresh beer mingled with wings, and garlic bread saturated the place.  An underlying scent of cigarettes scratched at Madison’s sinuses.  Most places had long conformed to the new norm of banning smoking; this must have been one of the last establishments not to.  On quick survey of the room, not many took advantage of the option to light up.  There was limited smoke in the air.
“Who names a bar the Weathered Rose anyway,” Madison said.
“Heck, I don't know.”
She glanced over at Terry who continued to look over the place.  “Although here I am speaking to a man who named his dogs Todd and Bailey.  Sounds like people names to me.” 
“Maddy, what do you know?  If you would just take my advice and get yourself one.  Everyone's different and they have their own personalities.  Some people even give them middle names.”
“You’ve got to be kidding me.  On both counts.  First of all, they've got four legs, they stink, they drink out of the toilet bowl, and you told me they eat their own sh−”
“You can't hold that against them.”
“Oh yes I can.”  She scrunched up her face in disgust.  “And speaking of unsavory, it’s not that high class in here.”
“Yet you tell me I state the obvious.”
She punched his arm.  He pretended to act like it hurt.  “Always the smart ass.” 
He steepled his hands and bent forward but stopped short of a full bow.  “My master has taught me well.”  


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