The Independent Voice Celebrates Scott Chase

Scott Chase is the author of the South Florida Noir series.  His writing has been featured on Powder Burn Flash, Ligature Marks and A Twist of Noir.  Under his real name, Todd Bush, he writes the Rick Frost adventure series for teens.  He lives with his family in South Florida.

Tell us 5 Random Things about you the person, not the author:
1) I am an absolutely voracious learner.  My degree is in history, so of course that is an area that I read and study a lot.  But I also love learning about astronomy, physics, and other different subjects.

2) I work at a high school in administration.  I am in charge of discipline, detentions and truancy.  As I told a parent, if I know your child's name by heart, that's problem a bad thing.

3) I coach high school football.  My dad coached for 15 years in my home state of Mississippi.  Now, I am following in his footsteps.  I love football; my family knows that I will do chores on Sunday.  Saturdays are for college football games.

4) I love different kinds of music.  Favorite driving music is country, especially Brantley Gilbert, Dry County, Blake Shelton and Trace Adkins.  But I also love jazz (Coltrane especially), blues (Stevie Ray Vaughn, Robert Johnson and B.B. King) and hard rock before a game.

5) I like playing golf and tennis.  One of this I can beat my wife in... the other, not so much.

Favorite Authors
Michael Connelly, Robert Crais, John Rector, Steve Sidor, Vince Flynn, Brad Thor, James Ellroy, Nathaniel Philbrick, Sebastian Junger, Laura Hillenbrand, James Bradley, Erik Larson, Stephen E. Ambrose, and David McCullough... I read a lot.

Where people can find you on the web:

Tell us about your book:
Name : The Backseat Virgin: A South Florida Noir Collection
Genre: : Noir, Short Stories, Crime
Length: : 23,000 words
Formats Available: : Kindle, Nook, and Print Book 


South Florida is glitz, glamour, surf and sand. 

But its also full of shadows, a place where life's hard road crawls through back alleys, dark corners and right up to the doorstep of the sexiest place on earth.  Some say this dark side is the very thing that makes it sexy.  This collection of stories shows the hidden side of South Florida in all its noir glory.

"Tropical Wave" - Where it all started...  Vaughn gets his first job tracking down a runaway woman and a stolen kilo of weed and runs into trouble worse than anything he's could ever imagine.

"Baby Carrier" - Police detective Jose "Peppy" Garcia has a problem: a drug runner he let go for money is the main suspect in a horrific murder.

"Finding Richie" - Vaughn gets asked to do someone a favor and finds out that there are scarier things than him in South Florida.

"Blue Neon Bitch" - A local politician might ruin the empire Vaughn's boss has worked hard to build.

"The Backseat Virgin" - The girl was just another unnamed murder victim.  But to Lee Price, she is the answer to a mystery that's haunted South Florida for over a year.  And she just might lead to a war. 

Where to buy:
Barnes & Noble

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  1. Great interview, Carolyn. He comes off as very likable. I may need to add his stuff to my ever growing list of "to reads". :)

  2. Darian, I appreciate it, and welcome any feedback you want to give. Hope you enjoy the stories!

    And Carolyn, thanks so much for the chance to do the interview! I loved doing it!


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