The Independent Voice Celebrates James Toner

James Toner has 3 children and 2 grandchildren (twins, in Australia).  He lives in Ireland, and has been writing full time since 2007.  He's completed 3 novels and 35 short stories. In 2009, he came close to finding an agent, but wasted a year doing rewrites before he passed on the book. Currently he's writing a YA dystopian novel, draft 1 target is July 31.

Tell us 5 Random Things about you the person, not the author:
1. I laugh a lot.
2. I was once a wizard, years ago.
3. I'm absolutely mad about golf.
4. I'm a serial hypochondriac.
5. I still have almost all my own teeth.

Favorite Authors:
Douglas Adams, RA Lafferty, John le Carre, Raymond Chandler, Colin Bateman,
Eugene Kerrigan, Declan Burke, Peter Tinniswood, Ellis Peters, Flannery O'Connor,
James Joyce, Sam Beckett, Patrick Susskind, Richard Dawkins, James Thurber
(I could go on).

Where people can find you on the web:

Tell us about your book:
Name:  Ovolution and Other Stories
Formats Available:  E-book

Book Blurb:

Ovolution: What would happen if women laid eggs?

Children Admitted Free: A mission to find the source of a mysterious message from deep space

Deca-Millennium Bug: Remember the millennium bug? It's all going to happen again in 9999. Better get ready!

Intelligent Design: How it all went wrong right at the start

Scouting Party: First Contact, Love and Golf

Snugglesuit: The adventures of an irrepressible inventor

Bartlett Rebooted: The human brain is more resilient than people think

Short Back and Sides: An alien abduction and a great haircut

Ooze: It's life, but could it be intelligent, and can we eat it?

The Perfect Woman: Baron von Frankenstein’s assistant finally succeeds, but will he survive the experience?

If you're looking for short stories that are fun, look no further. Here are ten original stories in the tradition of RA Lafferty and Douglas Adams.

One of the things the best sort of speculative fiction can do is to satirize the absurdities of society and human behavior. JJ Toner does just that. And he does it marvelously well, too, with a style and wit worthy of a Kurt Vonnegut/ Groucho Marx double act.”     Paul D Brazill

This is just fun reading. It’s laugh-out-loud stuff but with a serious theme at its heart. His stories transcend genre and are just rockin’ good stories. Get this book and pass the word on to the rest of the kids in study hall.”   Les Edgerton

Where to buy:

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  1. I've spoken to JJ on Facebook several times, not only is he a great writer but also a super nice guy! Great interview!


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