"I'm Ripping My Hair Out!"

Stress is something most of us experience every day.  Of course, depending on our circumstances and the trigger, it can range from mild to extreme, from a flash that lasts seconds to stress that lasts for a long time.  

Below I've listed a few ways stress can affect us.  Some might seem related,  but analyze.  As you read the ones I've noted, think about how stress has affected you before, and please share them with us.  Think about different sources of stress, and the consequences that come when it affects us.  Brainstorm.

The more we consider human behavior, and truly analyze it, the more naturally it will become infused into our writing.  The result?  Richer, more believable characters, and you can't go wrong with that.

Stress can result in:

more productivity
less productivity
a headache
retaliation to the person who made you feel stressed
withdrawal from others
heart palpitations
over analyzing / being prone to paranoia
feeling overwhelmed
hard time breathing
hysterical laughter to suppress tears
lack of self control

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