As people we all have pride.  We have it in ourselves for our accomplishments.  We have pride in other people for whom we're happy for.  Pride is what helps us to stand up for ourselves, and have self-confidence.  But pride can also be a tricky backstabber if we're not careful.

Pride can tear existing relationships apart, and prevent new ones from beginning.  Pride can make us do something contrary to an action we'd normally take just to "save face".  Pride can make us lie about our true feelings because we don't want other people to witness any vulnerabilities.

So, how can we use this in our writing?

For our characters to be fleshed out, they would exhibit pride throughout our novel.  It could be they're adamantly insisting they're right even when they might not be.  It could be in the case of a romantic relationship - one character loves another but is too proud to admit it.

Have a character who refuses to apologize.

Have a romantic relationship experience conflict because one it too proud to admit to any wrongdoing, or admit their true feelings.

Make a character experience pain caused from a prideful rejection.

Maybe you have a detective who refuses to see a case from any other angle than his or her own.

Pride can be a close relative of stubborn (in my opinion).  Have a person insist they are right in dialogue, but have their internal narrative show the reader otherwise.

These are just some ways to utilize pride in our writing.  What about you?  How have you used it, or plan to incorporate it?

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