Love is a Many Splendid Thing

So in trying to decide which human emotion I was going to focus on this week, I thought maybe I'd switch things up a little and go with something more positive.

Love has the ability to overlook wrongdoings, and grant forgiveness.  Love helps us to watch out for those we care for when we see them heading for trouble.  Love allows us to be patient with others when normally we'd lose control.  Love doesn't seek our own interest, but that of other people.  Love allows us to endure even if we're being treated unfairly. Love makes it possible to endure because we combine it with empathy to sympathize with what another person is going through.

For example, when people lose someone dear to them, it can make them miserable, and on edge.  If we demonstrate love towards those who are grieving, we wouldn't allow an outlash from them or a "short fuse" to make us reply in kind.  We would acknowledge what they're going through, and respond accordingly.

How can we use the aspect of love in our writing?

Unconditional love.  Maybe a character is mistreated by another, but they still cling to the relationship.

Maybe a parent needs to show "tough love" to a rebelling teenager.

Sometimes love is misunderstood by those to whom it is directed.  Have a character who doesn't understand what it is to be loved, and who may turn on those who truly care about them.

The obvious is to have a couple fall in love.  It can even be shown in subtle actions such a touch to the hairline, or fingertip to lips, a kiss or a hug.

It could be love of a pet.

There are endless possibilities in which we can use this human emotion.  In brainstorming, what other ways can you think of, or how have you used it in your writing?

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