Confession Time

It's the 2nd of June, can you believe it?  To me, it's seems this year is flying by.  Heck, we're already half-way through.  

Anyway, back on track, enough procrastination, we're into a new month, and you know what this's confession time.  It's time to reflect on the goals we set out to achieve, and find out where our accomplishments stack against them.

My goals for May were:

1) Finish Eleven - not an option!  It will happen!
2) Finalize that synopsis
3) Edit my first thriller, Assassination of a Dignitary, in its entirety (hard copy; not necessarily the changes keyed in)

What I accomplished:

1) I did finish the first draft of Eleven!  This put my WC at 9432 for the month (of course this doesn't include blog posts).
2) Ooh, that synopsis.  Honestly, I never even opened the file.
3) Edits...yes...I still have them to do.  However, I have less than 200 pgs which isn't bad when I started with 710 pgs! due the way I had it formatted (dbl-spaced, 12pt courier with the review tab on the right).
4) This one wasn't even on the list, but either way, I'm very happy about it.  I self-published my mystery novel TIES THAT BIND.  It's now available on Amazon Kindle US, Amazon UK, and Smashwords.  It will be available on paperback very soon!

My Goals for June:
1)  Finalize the edits for Assassination of a Dignitary
2)  Start edits on Eleven - at least read the MS through, and make notations.
3)  Promote my novel TIES THAT BIND through interviews on other blogs, and through other means.
4)  Approve the proof for TIES THAT BIND, and be able to announce it's available in paperback! :D

What about you?  How did you make out in May?  What are you writing/editing/publishing goals for the month of June?

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