The Lagging Middle

And no, I didn’t mean to say “sagging” middle, and I’m not referring to what some experience while writing the first draft.  I’m talking about edits here, and the “lagging” middle where, even though you love the book you’re working on, it’s hard to get fired up and disciplined enough to hurry up and finish already.

Quick, someone please place a stick of lit dynamite under me!

If you know me, you know that edits are something I’ve always struggled with despite knowing they are a necessity.  Even though, I have come to appreciate the final result, it’s still one of those areas of writing that requires true self-discipline.  And I know it’s worth it when I read one I’ve stuck it out with.  The MS is all polished like a shinning gem.

Then, there’s always the flipside to editing.  How much is too much?  How do you know when you’re finished?  I believe my OCD nature, and perfectionism would allow me to rehash, rehash, rehash.  Will it ever be good enough? 

Anyone else out there feel the same way about edits - sometimes it’s hard to get through them, while it’s also hard to stop and tell yourself your book is finished?

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