Another Month Begins

Back at the end of March, I had a post entitled "How Did You Make Out?".  In it myself and few others reviewed what we had accomplished in March, and set goals for the month of April.  Now, here we are at the beginning of yet another month, and the question is again:  How did you make out?

My goals for April were:
1) finish Eleven
2) finish that synopsis (that is so far beating me!)
3) send out 10-15 queries for my first mystery
4) and, of course, keep posting regularly to this blog : )

How did I end up?
1) so close to the end of Eleven it's almost painful!  Over 100k of my 110k first draft target.  I wrote 47,934 words in the month of April for this alone!
2) honestly (lol) I had forgotten about it.  I had some helpful feedback from betas, was happy with it, but never actually declared it finished.
3) ...maybe this post wasn't a good idea. lol  It's holding me accountable!  6 emailed, 1 prepared for the mail (however, it's yet to be posted)
4)  YIPPIE!! I managed to reach that goal!  And I also gained many new followers (thank you!) during the month of April so that tells me I'm doing something right on this blog. :)  

My goals for May:
1) Finish Eleven - not an option!  It will happen!
2) Finalize that synopsis
3) Edit my first thriller, Assassination of a Dignitary, in its entirety (hard copy; not necessarily the changes keyed in)

So, what about you?  How did you make out with your goals for April, or even if you didn't set specific goals, what did you accomplish with your writing?  And what are you goals for May?


  1. You did well! I finished my rewrite, hit 1000 a-z challenge posts and finished the a-z challenge. ^_^

  2. My big goal for April was to set up my pen name and the accounts/blog that went with it. Check. May's big goal is to get into a routine and finish revisions on my WiP (I really want to get that baby off to my first reader). I'm going to join Joely Sue Burkhart's writing challenge in May and hopefully that will motivate me, LOL

    Good luck on your goals!

  3. My first goal is to finish my plumber mystery--a short story. But I'm also working on a sequel to my first novel. And blogging--thanks for following me.

  4. My goal is to get my YA novel up on Kindle and write at least 1/2 of my new work, a novella.

  5. Thank you for holding me accountable and now I will set my deadlines for May.

    1) Finish Quincenera and El Otro Lado, both short stories, for submission to a Borderland Anthology.

    2) Finish the last rewrite of my novel Forsaken.

    3) Try and post at least three blog posts a week.


  6. Nice job! I didn't have many goals last month besides "read a ton of books" and "do the A-Z blog challenge." I accomplished both.


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