How Would You Describe Him?

Today, I’m introducing something new to this blog.  I might keep it up as a regular feature, and I might not.  It depends on you guys.  This is a writing exercise based on something I do a daily basis.  When I encounter new people, sometimes I even apply it to ones I know, I try to describe them as if I were writing them.

This isn’t a post where we’re going to critique one another, but was formed for the purpose of strengthening our power of description.  Below is a picture of a man pulled from Google Images.  Beneath the picture is how I would describe him in a novel.

The man’s eyes spoke of a history that witnessed unspeakable evil.  He came in wearing a blue beret with words stamped on it, and I wondered what they meant, but I couldn’t get close enough to see.  His dark skin had been etched by the passage of time with deep-set wrinkles, and his mouth balanced a cigar as if it were perched there, a teeter-tatter in mid-tilt.
What about you?  How would you describe him?  Please remember, no critiquing those who do share.  This exercise is for fun, and for a personal challenge.

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