How Did You Make Out?

It's the last day of the month, and almost hard to believe.  Time goes too fast sometimes.  If only it could take pause so we can enjoy more time with loved ones, savor a lazy, rainy afternoon, read another good book, or just finish writing our own.

Maybe you're like me.  At the start of most months, you set out with a target word count, and other things you want to accomplish.  I think I forgot to do this for the month of March.  All I know is I wanted to write every day in my current WIP, and draft a good synopsis for my second mystery.  I think I held the ideal of getting some editing in too.

What did I accomplish?  Over 30,000 words in Eleven (bringing the WC to over 52k to date), and a mediocre synopsis (ooh, it needs polishing lol).  But I also managed to post 12 blog entries (including this one, less guest posts).

Since tomorrow is Forensic Friday around here, I'd like to lay out my goals for April now:

1) finish Eleven
2) finish that synopsis (that is so far beating me!)
3) send out 10-15 queries for my first mystery
4) and, of course, keep posting regularly to this blog : )

So what about you?  How did you make out for the month of March?  Did you set a word count, an editing, or querying target?

Also, what are your goals for April?


  1. I'd like to complete an additional 10 chapters in my fantasy and edit at least 6 of them. It's a tough goal for me, but I think it's possible. Good luck to you!

  2. You accomplished a ton! (but you have also written a few other books already, too!) I finished a few rounds of edits and have put out some queries. For April, more queries and a couple of month long daily challenges to keep me busy =)

  3. I can't believe it's the end of March! I haven't finished editing my WIP like I hoped I would. It has to be done by May 1st!
    You've accomplished a lot! Good job! Keep going.

  4. Great job! You've really done a lot this month.

    I haven't accomplished as much as I'd hoped I would on my WIP, so my goal for April is to get a good start on that story (in addition to continuing with all the daily writings I do).

  5. Hey ladies, thank you for all the encouragement – and back at all of you too! :)

    Oh, and editing – that used to be a bad word - actually it still kind of is. Lol

    What do you say we “meet” back the end of April, and see how we all made out with our goals?


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