Support Systems - Expressing Gratitude

Personally, I believe all writers need people supporting them.  For the most part, writing is a solo experience and very personal.  But we need encouragement along the way.  I've read of many writers who don't have the support of family or friends.  I'm glad to say that I'm definitely not one of them.  And I'm sorry to those that are.

I would like to thank my biggest support - my husband George.  He demands to be the first to read my books.  How can I go wrong with that?  A support system right inside my house.  But he does more than that.  He encourages me to keep going even in the face of query rejections or those moments when I wonder am I good enough?  He conducts brainstorming sessions with me.  I mean, they're very informal, normally just chat over a morning coffee, but it's great being able to bounce ideas and plot lines off him.

Then, of course, there's the gal that helped get me started with writing again.  We'll call her Jennifer - no last names here.  But she's a former co-worker and one day she said tell me a story, so I did.  I didn't realize at the time it would become my first novel.  And she continues to be by my side.  She reads everyone of my novels, and endures non-stop yattering about my writing lol

And, I've got my mother-in-law, Jessie.  She's continued to be a terrific support and critic.  She's eager to read each of my books too, but is one of the people who pointed out about my characters needing more depth.  It is in part due to her that I dug deeper.  (See Developing Characters You Can Pinch series)

Now, this post wouldn't be complete if I didn't include the great writers and friends that I have met over at the Absolute Write forums.  Some of them even took time out of their lives to help me along - you know who you are ;o)

Anyway, I guess the purpose of this post is just to express my gratitude.  If I've missed you specifically, please know that I still value your encouragement immensely.  I'm very lucky to have all of you by my side.  Thank you.


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