The Start of Another Month...

It’s February already, or is it finally.  Time can be so strange and hard to capture.  In some ways, it flies by and it’s hard to have a moment to breathe.  We wonder how we’re going to fit everything in to an allotted time slot every day.  Then, reverse to that, there’s moments in life when we wonder if the clock’s ever going to move.  Kind of ironic how one element can have so much control over us and be so versatile.

But all of us have the same 24 hours in a day to fit everything in.  So how are you going to use the hours granted to you in the month of February – all 672 of them? 

For me, the start of new month is a time to reflect on the accomplishments I had the month before.  This reflection then fuels me with a renewed determination to match them, or maybe even exceed them.  As writers, I strongly believe in setting goals for the month, even if they might seem like small ones.

In the month of January, I had set out to write synopsis and query letter for all my completed novels.  I also wanted to go back to my second and third mysteries and edit them extensively.  So how did I do?  Well, I completed a synopsis and query for 2 of the 3 novels I wrote last year, and I’m just about halfway through the edits for my second mystery.  And even though, I didn’t accomplish everything I wanted to in January, that’s fine.  See, that’s what so great about a new month - a renewed start.

So, here I go again with a list of things I want to see finished in the month of February.  And, yes, some is rolled over from January, but hey, it gives me a place to start.  It would just be nice if I could cross these items off the list before March.  I’d like to start writing my next novel.

What are your writing goals for the month of February?


  1. Get back to the gym! Finish plannning the decorations for my upcoming marriage to the man of my dreams! (sorry no writing goals...I'll leave those up to you) -Jennifer

  2. yeah, yeah that too :D lol
    and you're getting married? really? ;)


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