So, what is the life of a writer like?

Here's just a few things that come to mind...
Isolated.  It's definately a venture one undertakes on their own.  To allow your mind the time to weave fiction in a world unlike anything you know, takes meditation and "quiet time". 
What keeps me going is the relief that comes with allowing myself the freedom to explore the realms of my imagination, without restraint, without judgement. 
Focused.  Equally important to taking the time to let yourself go where you dare yourself to go, is knowing exactly where you want it to take you.  Is it for the purpose of a select few to read your work?  Or do you aspire to more than that?  Hundreds, or thousands of people who anticipate your next work.  Only you can answer that question for yourself.
You can't permit negative influences to curb your writing, which brings me to the next point.
Can be full of negativity - if you let it.  As with any work of art or craft, it falls under the skeptism of the masses.  And there are people out there (even people you think of as being close) that will not be as excited for your new interest.
But you can't let it get to you!  You're writing because you enjoy it, it's a release and ultimately you feel you have something to offer -- so keep it up!
Surround yourself with positive influences.  Focus on them, breathe them in.  Keep a journal of positive feedback.  Discard everything that pulls you down and discourages you keep the dream alive.   Reach out to other writers and form a positive support network whether that be online, or in person.  A great online community that has been priceless to me is:

I'm sure everyone has their own ideas or comments to add on this subject.  I'd love to hear them.


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