Plug Your Blog Friday

We finally made it to Friday!  Sometimes, I didn't think it was ever going to get here.  So if you noticed from last week, Fridays are - Plug Your Blog Fridays around here!

While this entire blogging experience is new to me, I'm having fun with it and I hope you're enjoying what I have to share.  But, I'd like to know what you have going on.  Post the link to your blog in a comment below, along with its subject matter.  I look forward to checking it out.

Also, thank you to those that came out last week.  And, of course, there's no harm in "re-plugging" ;O)


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  2. Hey, Carolyn. Thanks for the opportunity to plug my blog (saw your post at Absoulute Write).

    My names Lee my blog is called New Adventures in Fantasy Fiction

    It's purpose is, like yours, to track my progress as I write and try to publish my fiction. Although I work in a different genre from you (as you can prolly guess by the title).

    Cheers again for the chance to plug.


  3. Hey Lee, all genres welcome here! I look forward to going over and checking out your blog :)


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