Plug Your Blog Friday

Have a blog you want to get out there?  Well, I just started this one and I'm hoping to make a lot of new writer friends and strengthen the relationships I already have.

So, Fridays are going to be "Plug your Blog" day.  Tell us what you've got going, a latest post, or a summarization of the blog's purpose.  Give us a link.  And if you follow mine, I'll follow yours.  I look forward to meeting you.  Come know you want to :)


  1. - a mash up of my world and the fashion world xx

  2. Oops! Missed this by a day. Hope it's okay if I still plug my blog. It covers the updates on the Kelli Storm series I am writing. The first three chapters of book one are posted. Also posting my progress on book two. (I plan on three total in the series.)

    (One of my pen names.)

    Short opinionated posts about science debates, bookes and conjecture written by an outragous fiery female.


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