Finding Balance

We all have more going on in our lives besides the current WIP, updating our blogs, and staying connected with other writers whether it be online or those in our community.  Add to this, most of us take part in helping our fellow writers, whether is beta'ing their projects, offering critiques or supporting and encouraging them in other ways.   And all of these aspects are important to being a successful, well-rounded writer in my opinion.  Some go a step further, creating extensive networks and platforms.

Yet the above only covers the responsibility of the writer.  Most of us don't have the ability to focus on our craft full-time.  We have families to care for, day jobs to go to, and correct me if I'm wrong, but we also need some down-time, and a social life.  Also, let's not forget a regular exercise routine.

So just one question:  When are we supposed to find the time?  I mean, obviously a time machine isn't an option (although the thought of one is sometimes appealing).  And we can't add more hours to a day.  We all have twenty-four hours in which to jam everything.

We can't simply turn our backs on our spouse or children to write, we can't call in sick every day from the day-job or we wouldn't have one...and then that would result in a whole lot of other issues.  We'd lose hydro, and how would we power our laptops to write?  Or log on-line to network?

It's so easy for the pendulum to tilt in favor of your writing endeavors, at least for me it is.  My husband and I have even attached a label to it - Writer's Widower.  And I'm sure every writer has some version of this in their own lives whether it be not enough time spent with the spouse or the kids.  Basically, the implication could apply whenever things go out of balance. 

I really wish I had the perfect answer to provide.  I don't.  My suggestions?  Write down a list of all you have to do in a week, set aside time for that workout at the gym(you know the one you keep making an excuse to miss), make a date with your spouse, arrange to eat all meals with your family (or at least one a day).

For me, I've agreed to make some cutbacks in the time I spend online over the weekends, use this time with hubby and friends.  The gym part...well, I'm still working on that.  (Hate to pull a Cliché but Rome wasn't built in a day.)  And, well as for the day job, it's not going anywhere soon, so I might as well come to grips with it.


  1. My wife actually told me she was leaning toward me NOT getting a part-time job this summer so I'd have time to write. I was stunned to hear her say it. But she said, "You are good at this; we need to give it a go."

  2. I'm sure my husband can relate to "Writer's Widower"!

  3. Sounds like you both have supportive spouses too! Wish I had the option not to work a day job. That would give me 8+ hrs of my life back during the week.


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