Characters You Can Pinch - Conclusion

Books that have helped me along the way

As promised, below are some books on the craft that helped me in understanding Character development, amongst many other things.  Also, not to discount my fellow writers who helped me by means encouragement, and their words of critique along the way.  All of these aspects combined to get me where I am now.  Of course, I know I'm not finished in my writing journey, yet only just beginning.  That's another thing I've learned about writing, there's always going to be areas to grow.

The Fire in Fiction, Donald Maass
Elements of Fiction Writing:  Conflict, Action & Suspense, William Noble
Writing Mysteries 2nd Edition, Sue Grafton
Don't Murder Your Mystery, Chris Roerden

So the 9-day discussion of Developing Characters You Can Pinch has come to an end.  I hope that you enjoyed reading what I had to share.  I wish you the best in your writing and that your endeavors realize fulfillment.


  1. Hi Carolyn

    I've read all 8 posts on Characters You Can Pinch. I really enjoyed these informative posts .
    I am basically a new writer but I can see that these posts are a great way to measure character development .


    P.S. I discovered your blog through Charlotte's blog .

  2. Hi Michelle, Welcome :) Thank you for commenting and I'm very happy that you enjoyed the series.

    And Charlotte - she's a great gal and talented writer.

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