Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Two Former Detectives Continue to Make a Difference

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If you won the lottery today would you continue doing what you have been doing?

Sean and Sara faced a similar scenario when they were working as detectives for Albany PD and a wealthy man left his billions to Sean. But due to their love for each other and humanity as a whole, nothing can stop them from doing what they love the most—solving murder.

No longer with the department, murder cases seem to find them and after seven investigations, they’ve decided to make it official.

In COFFEE IS MURDER, they take on their first case as private investigators. But their goodwill doesn’t stop there. There are criteria that need to be met before they’ll accept a case. The applicant needs to note three charities. After employees and expenses are paid, the salary allotment for Sean and Sara is divvied up among the client’s charities. How sweet is that!

Do you have three charities (or more) you support? Here are a few of mine:

Beagle Freedom Project
Alzheimer’s Society of Canada
Canada Society of Canada

If you’d like to learn more about the murder-solving duo and their friends, COFFEE IS MURDER, is now available for purchase.

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