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Meet Detective Clinton, Your Old-fashioned Cop #SampleSunday

Detective Clinton is your old-fashioned cop. He values investigative skills over the latest technological gadgetry in their ability to solve crime. With his latest case, he and his partner, search for a professional who targeted the life of a State Governor.

Chapter 14

Niagara Falls, New York
Sunday, June 13th, 3:30 a.m.

MAJOR CRIMES DETECTIVE DAVE CLINTON had the case that would advance him to Sergeant.  As he looked around the hotel room that had been Governor Behler’s, a smirk cut into his lips.  He would find the son of a bitch responsible for this and put him behind bars for life.  He could see the headlines now.

“Detective Clinton?”

“Yeah.”  He turned to a CSI tech who was thin enough Clinton knew he could likely bench press him.

“I think the guy we’re looking for is a professional.”

“It’s too early to assume anything.  Keep looking.”  Clinton dismissed his colleague with a wave, returning to evidence collection.

Nothing could be presumed or assumed.  Clinton needed facts to cement this case.

Governor Behler had been escorted to County General where she was deemed critical and fighting for life.  According to the attending physician she had a probability of making it through.  When they refused to attribute percentages, Clinton knew it wasn’t a good thing.  Right now it was a game of wait and see.  But he would treat the case as a homicide unless the good news fairy intervened.  Solving attempted murders didn’t warrant as much clout as solving successful ones.

And he didn’t have time to waste.  This had been a blatant assault on the life of a State Governor.  The FBI, the Michigan State Police, and the New York State Police were already called.  There were more offices of law enforcement involved than Clinton cared for.  With different branches came territorial conflict.  Clinton likely had precious little time to get answers before any of them would rush in and take over.  He’d wager the FBI would be the first to assert control. 

A staff member of The Grandeur found Behler when he came to deliver food to the room.  His name was Paul Hensal.  Clinton had some uniformed officers hold him in the hallway.  He wanted to see inside the room first.  And now he had, it was time to start doing the real work that involved investigative skills and not the aid of technology to match DNA coding and fingerprints.  If Clinton was going to get any immediate answers, it was with Hensal.

Clinton stepped into the hall and found two officers stationed outside the door.  He didn’t see Hensal.  “Where—”

“Room next door, Detective.  That way.”  The one young officer gestured to the right of Behler’s room, and then let his hand come down to rest on his holster.  

“Get your hand off that thing unless you have course to draw it, or lose your badge for being reckless.”

The officer lifted both his hands.  Red saturated his cheeks.  

“Why’s the kid next door?”  Clinton asked.

“The Grandeur didn’t want us all in the hall.  They comped the room.”

“I don’t give a shit what The Grandeur wants.”  Clinton held up a pointed finger and swiped it to take in the area around them.  “You get this entire floor sealed off.  I don’t want anyone coming or going.  Do you hear me?”

He nodded, almost too quickly.  Clinton didn’t respect those who didn’t think for themselves.  He viewed this officer—he paused to read his badge—number 8329 as one who could be easily manipulated.

Clinton headed to the other room but stopped when his partner came toward him.  Her stride carried a message, as did her facial expression.  They were partners for six years, which in cop life equated a small eternity.  Her name was Sonya Wingham, and her skin next to his was a creamy white.  The guys in the division termed them their salt and pepper team; Clinton was disappointed by their lack of originality.

“Whatcha got?”  he asked her.

She stopped a few feet in front of him.  Both hands braced on her hips.  “They’ve got security cameras and are pulling the footage now.” 

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