Sunday, April 26, 2015

They Never Did This On The Job #SampleSunday

Former detectives Sean and Sara have their first case as private investigators and it has them going undercover at a coffee company. They start by paying their primary suspect a visit and as it turns out, they never had this kind of fun on the job…

Chapter 20

Wigs And Mustaches

THEIR PRIVATE JET TOUCHED DOWN at Williamsburg Airport just after one in the afternoon. The fact they could take off at a moment’s notice to anywhere in the world still came as a rush to Sean. He didn’t see it ever growing old.

Adam had obtained Casey’s working hours and discovered he pulled the afternoon shift, from three until eleven. It didn’t leave them much time to get over to his house for a chat.

“Are you sure I look good as a blonde?” Sara was studying her reflection in the vanity mirror of the Toyota they had rented. She adjusted the wig and swiped a longer strand from her eyes.

“You’re a heartbreaker regardless of your hair color, darling.”

She laughed. “You’re just saying that because you want some. I know you.”

“Can’t blame a guy.”

“Oh, I can and I will. And this makeup? Too much? It is, isn’t it?”

He glanced over at her but didn’t say anything. When they decided to come to Virginia to talk to Casey, Helen had suggested they needed disguises.

She had said, “You’re like gossip-rag celebs now.”

“Gossip rag?” He hadn’t been sure whether to be complimented by that or not.

Helen had smiled. “You don’t need to take offense. Your faces are just well known. You’ve been on TV, and in magazines, newspapers. You probably have sites dedicated to following your lives by now. I’m surprised paparazzi aren’t camped outside.”

“Now you’re taking it a little far.”

“The point is, you can’t go there without some sort of a disguise.” Helen had then got to work on him and Sara.

Sean had barely recognized his reflection by the time she was finished with him. The only things that remained true were his eyes. He saw himself there, but everywhere else, well, not so much.
Helen had had Adam going one direction and Jimmy going another. While Adam hit the thrift stores, Jimmy had bought wigs and makeup. Her motherly attributes were obvious, the way she’d had the men jumping to her direction.

“Sean, are you listening to me?”

He realized Sara was waiting for an answer. “Sorry, darling, I was just thinking.”

“Don’t be sorry for that.”

Sara ran a fingertip around her mouth, likely trying to rein in the bright red lipstick from taking over her face.

“Be happy you don’t look like a seventies pop star,” he said.

Jimmy had found two wigs. He’d been ever-so-helpful, and Sean intended to repay him for that. One wig for Sara would have been enough. Why did he need one too? As it turned out, not only was he wearing a hairpiece that had a ponytail sprouting from the nape of his neck—an “added touch” by the lovely Helen—but he wore a fake mustache.

“I can’t believe you’re complaining. You resemble Magnum now.” She laughed. “And you have the license.”

“Ha ha.” A conversation from not so long ago was back to haunt him. He’d have to start considering the long-term ramifications of anything he was inclined to say from now on. Apparently their hang-time was perpetual.

“At least you get to remain a brunet.”

“I hear that blondes have more fun.”

“We’ll see about that.”

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