Monday, January 26, 2015

How to Take a Vacation Without Leaving Home #amreading

One of the best things about reading a book is their ability to transport you from one place to another. Depending on the book you're reading, it could take you to another planet or time dimension. With my latest release, fly to Jamaica for the price of a coffee (if you go with the electronic version) or order yourself a paperback and settle into that recliner and relax.

You might be wondering why I published Valentine's Day is Murder in January and not on February 14th. Here's the reason. It's for you glorious paperback lovers! You have the time to order a copy and receive it in time to read on Valentine's Day itself. So what do you say?  You can buy a copy off Amazon or save 15% off retail list by ordering it through Createspace. Either way, I hope you 'buy the ticket' and enough the ride.

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Buy on Createspace (Enter discount code: YDXTX3Q8  to receive 15% off)

Interested in other paperbacks of mine? Visit the Paperback Store on my website for more links to the Createspace store. Whether you buy one title or all of them, the code takes 15% off the entire order.

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