Sunday, December 21, 2014

Terry Fears for Madison Knight's Life #SampleSunday #mystery

Here's a brief excerpt from Just Cause (A Madison Knight Novel):

From Chapter Two:

Lights flashing, Terry tore through the city to Madison’s apartment building. He tried her intercom button and imagined her answering. He hoped that he had fabricated nothing into something. But there was no answer.

He pushed random buttons until he got someone. It was an elderly lady, based on her fragile voice.

“Who’s there?”

“Stiles PD. I need access to the building.”

“No way, creep. I know what you want. You have a granny fetish, you sick bastard. Go away or I’ll call the police.”

Terry rolled his eyes, tried another button, and received a more favorable reply. The door buzzed and unlocked for him. He was in.

He pounded on Madison’s apartment door loud enough it could have roused the dead.

The last two words replayed in his head. The dead. What if something happened to Madison and he was too late?

He fell back against the door. The moment he made contact with it, he had his answer.
How could he have been so blind?

It took him thirty minutes to reach the harbor when it should have taken at least forty-five. He saw her Mazda across the street and his heart sank.

He parked the department-issued sedan a block away and hoofed it to her car. He confirmed the plates and called it in. He would need backup.

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Curious about the overview for Just Cause? Here it is:

A cold case pits Madison against the Russian Mafia, but things take a swift turn when the unthinkable happens--a new threat arises and has Madison hunting down an unknown killer.
While trying to make sense of the clues, bodies are piling up, and the brass is hungry for explanations. In addition, Madison must balance all of this while nursing an injury, talking out her emotions with a therapist--a bureaucratic necessity--answering to an eager journalist, and facing an internal affairs investigation.
As the answers come together, Madison narrows in on a possible link between the Russian Mafia and someone within the Stiles PD.
Will she have the courage to confront the person she believes is playing both sides, even though they hold a position of great power?
Things are about to be shaken up, and, for Madison, that means she just might have to let go of the past to embrace her future.

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