Tuesday, November 25, 2014

"The 25 Greatest Things About Christmas"

"Candy canes lined the drive, white lights strung between them. Grouped at the base of the front steps, were three giant baubles—about two feet across—that glittered with light. One was red with white snowflakes, one was green with a gold filigree pattern, and one was blue with silver starbursts. They were beautiful and had Sara wanting her own set." - Excerpt, Christmas is Murder
Sara McKinley grew up in a household who loved the holidays--all of them. But Christmas was at the top! The above-noted excerpt is how her mother's house is decorated when Sara and Sean go to visit.

On Arts.Mic, ornaments and lights top the list of the 25 greatest things about Christmas. I admit that I'm a sucker for tasteful decorations.  What about you? What is your favorite holiday decoration? Do you love trimming the tree, putting lights out upside, or is it decorating inside your home--placing Mistletoe and garland?

Here is the list of "The 25 Greatest Things About Christmas:"*
1. Christmas Trees
2. Chance of Snow
3. Lights
4. Vacation Time
5. Hot Chocolate
6. Ornaments
7. Christmas Parties 
8. Ugly Christmas sweaters: An excuse to wear an ugly sweater is always acceptable.
9. Presents 
10. Treats
11. Stockings
12. Snuggling 
13. Ice Skating
14. Mistletoe
15. Carols and Music
16. Santa
17. Christmas Sales
18. Eggnog
19. Gingerbread houses and men
20. Time of giving
21. Time with friends and family
22. Snowmen
23. Classic Christmas Movies
24. The Holiday Cheer
25. The Chance to feel like a kid again.

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*"The 25 Greatest Things About Christmas" list is taken from Arts.Mic.