Monday, November 24, 2014

Christmas is Murder -- Overview & Excerpt

Christmas is Murder Overview

Albany’s the perfect image of a winter wonderland, and Sean and Sara’s friend Jimmy is going to be Santa Claus for the upcoming Christmas parade. The trees and decorations have been selected and the gifts have been purchased. The season has truly cast its magical spell—until Sean and Sara’s neighbors die in a horrible house fire. 

While the fire department ruled holiday-related hazards as the cause, Sara suspects there’s more to it. Her determination to find the truth has her and Sean toeing the line between what’s legal and what’s not. 

As they sort out fact from fiction, the McKinleys make the final decision about whether or not they should open a private investigation firm. 

Christmas is Murder is a touching—and comical—seasonal drama. Stoke the fire and top up that glass of eggnog.

Excerpt from Christmas is Murder, Chapter 1:

"Winter Wonderland"

The snow was coming down as if it were a Hollywood movie set. The flakes were large and falling steady, casting enchantment over the ever-forming winter wonderland. It was the perfect day to pick a tree, and Sara was thankful for her father’s recent purchase of a pickup. She and Sean never would have strapped a tree to their Mercedes.

Her parents themselves came part-and-parcel in exchange for the use of their truck, which for Sara only made things more ideal. After all, the holidays were about family, and Sara wouldn’t have it any other way.

Her thoughts briefly traced to Beth, her birth mother’s sister. She would have loved to have her come along, but she was having a hard time adjusting to a new medicine her doctors had started her on. Although, they figured she’d be good enough to take part in the festivities by the time Christmas arrived. It was a compromise Sara was willing to make. It was better to have her for the actual celebration than for the preparation.

“Darling, this one is perfect.” Sara rushed over to the evergreen, dragging Sean along with her. She let go of his hand and caressed its foliage with her mitts.

He leaned down and rubbed his nose against hers. “I agree.”

“Oh, Sean.” She pulled back, a full-fledged smile on her face. “I can already see it in front of the main window.”

“The window?”

“Where else would it go?”

“I was thinking next to the fireplace.”

She visualized the setting. Stockings hanging from the mantle, with a red carpet, for the season, was spread in front of the gas fireplace, and presents overflowing beneath the tree. She had to concede to his idea. “Yes. It would look good there.”

“You doubted me.”

“No, I…” She giggled. “Never.”

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