Friday, May 9, 2014

The McKinley Mystery Series Gets a New Look

The importance of an effective cover cannot be under-rated. The cover is the first thing the reader sees and as such, it needs to attract their attention enough to click on it for more information.  Covers also need to communicate the type of adventure the reader is going to embark on. Beyond that, loyal readers have come to expect a certain type of story from their favorite authors. Therefore, as the author it's crucial that if we deviate from a set genre, our covers make this clear. 

It is in light of these truths, and some feedback that I've received, that my McKinley Mystery Series is getting a new look. Within the next few days the covers should be up and live. I'm so excited because they should target the reader who wants a lighter, fun read. After all, this is the audience the series was designed for.

The series ventures outside of the typical crime genre, lending itself to the cozy variety with no foul language or graphic violence. It combines romance, mystery, humor, and adventure.

If you follow my work, you can tell from this description alone that I've gone outside of my typical genre. Of course, my true hope is that my current readers will find these stories entertaining as well, but as I've said here, it's up to me to make it clear where the adventure is going to take them so they can make an informed decision.

There is a lot of excitement on the horizon! I will share the covers once everything is finalized. 

On a separate note, also know that I'm hard at work on the editing stages of Just Cause, the fifth Madison Knight novel.