Sunday, April 6, 2014

#SampleSunday The Day Job with Sean and Sara

Excerpt from Chapter 1, THE DAY JOB IS MURDER:

Sean held up his badge to the receptionist, a petite lady in her mid-thirties. “We’re looking for Colin Burton.”

Sara noted how the woman smiled at Sean, and jealousy spiked through her system.

He could have any woman he wanted, and she had to stop entertaining the notion it would ever be her. She had seen to that, hadn’t she?

“I’ll page him to the front immediately.” The receptionist had a whimsical expression etched into her face and her jaw slid askew as her eyes went over Sean.

Sara glanced at him. He wasn’t even six feet tall, but he was solid and muscular. He took care of himself, opting to drink only one mug of coffee a day, giving preference to a glass of orange juice over the popular caffeinated stimulant. His face was always shaven, his brown eyes clear and intelligent, and he exuded charm.

Sara’s eyes went back to the woman and she smiled politely, while swallowing the inclination to glare at her instead. She cleared her throat.

“See, it’s all that coffee you drink. It’s not helping your immune system,” Sean said.

She knew he was referring to her cough. “Uh-huh.”


Colin Burton approached. He was a stocky man who basically waddled in, rather than walked. His deeply-set pale brown eyes focused on them.

They had spoken to him before, briefly, at his house, but hadn’t taken him in for further questioning at the time. However, as they reviewed the case and discovered that the high cable bills nearly resulted in a bankruptcy claim, their interest in Burton increased.

Sean put his hand on Burton’s shoulder. “We’re going to need to take you downtown for some questioning.”

“Am I under arrest?” He shrugged free of Sean’s grip.

“You aren’t yet, but we’d appreciate your cooperation.”

The receptionist watched, with large eyes and a gaping mouth, as Sean lead Burton out the door.

She leaned over the counter and asked Sara, “He single?”


“Oh, even better. Give him my number.” The woman quickly scribbled on a sticky note and passed it to Sara.

Sara smiled, but she had crumpled the paper into a tight ball in the palm of her hand by the time she got into the car.

“Watch your head.” Sean guided Burton into the back seat. 

“You haven’t cuffed me. That means I’m not under arrest.”

“If you’d like the full experience, I could put them on you.”

Sara glanced over her shoulder to see Burton’s face pale.

“Like I thought,” Sean said and then made his way to the driver’s seat, where he clicked up his belt, and turned the ignition.

“See, you could have any woman. She was interested.” Sara pointed to the building.

“Sara, let it go. I don’t need a matchmaking service.” He paused to smile. 

He must have sensed she was uncomfortable. Her fist clenched around the note. It would have a home in the first garbage can she came across.

He continued, “I’ve already made my stand cl—”

Burton vomited.

“Lovely. I’m not sure which is worse—the sound or the—oh, it’s definitely the smell.” Sean covered his mouth and lowered his foot on the gas.

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